UNILAG Management Under Pressure

UNILAG Management Under Pressure

Renovation and Health Reasons Cited as Explanation for Controversial Move

Health and Renovation Considerations

UNILAG’s request for students to provide their own bedding and personal items faced backlash due to recent fee hikes.

Adejoke Alaga-Ibrahim, UNILAG’s Head of Information, said, “Students bring their own bedding for health reasons, which is a longstanding practice. Hostel renovations are underway.”

Ms. Alaga-Ibrahim pledged ongoing hostel renovations for student comfort.

Addressing cost concerns, she stated, “N65,000 for a year as a hostel fee is reasonable given the country’s situation and private accommodation costs. Management prioritizes student welfare.

Parental Dissatisfaction

However, some parents are unhappy with the university’s decision, with one anonymous parent likening UNILAG to a secondary school due to the requirement for students to bring their own bedding after recent fee increases.

UNILAG faced criticism for increasing mandatory fes, particularly hostel charges, but later lowered them to a range of N65,000 to N85,000 after student and parent protests.

Active Urging for Good Governance

For context, one of the private hostels near UNILAG, Emerald suites, charges as much as N184,500 per bed space for a four-man room and N200,000 per bed space for two-man room.

Amid controversy, UNILAG management faces pressure to address student concerns and ensure their welfare.

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