Active Urging for Good Governance

Active Urging for Good Governance

Dr. Cosmos Ilechukwu, Convener of The Change We Need Nigeria Initiative (TCWNNI), has called on politicians to focus on delivering good governance rather than resorting to palliatives to mitigate he impact of the fuel subsidy removal.

furthermore, Dr. Cosmos Ilechukwu, the General overseer of Charismatic Renewal Ministries and the Founder of The Change We Need Nigeria Initiative, delivered a powerful message at the 14th TCWNNI Project in Abuja.

prioritizing Good Governance Moreover, Ilechukwu firmly urged politicians to prioritize good governance over temporary relief measures, emphasizing, “Well-done things eliminate the need for palliatives.”

Demanding Accountability and Good Governance

The cleric urges Nigerians to demand leadership accountability, emphasizing their right, and uphold the social contract for the common good.

The Path Forward

Ilechukwu acknowledged pogerss from TCWNNI but emphasized the need for perseverance in prayer, believing all requests will be answered by God.

Prayers for Good Governance

The TCWNNI Project’s main goal, as stated by the cleric, is to unite the nation in prayer for divine guidance in effective governance.

Petition In direction of Tinubu by Ohanaeze Chieftain over alleged try and promote Enugu museum land.

Annual Gathering for Prosperity

Furthermore, Dr. Robert Agbahia, Chairman of the local Organizing Committee, disclosed that the TCWNNI Project convenes Nigerians annually in October to actively pray for the nation’s prosperity and improved governance

I addition, Dr. Ilechukwu and the TCWNI actively urged politicians and citizens alike to prioritize good governance as the enduring solutions to Nigeria’s ongoing challenges in their relentless quest for progress.

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