Messi’s Age vs. Ronaldo’s Records

Messi’s Age vs. Ronaldo’s Records

In the age-old GOAT debate, goal matter. Currently, it’s Ronaldo vs. Messi. Both legends, both nearing the end of their career, still shining. Ronaldo plays in Saudi, Messi in MLS. Despite Messi’s age advantage, he faces hurdles in chasing Ronaldo’s goal record.

Ronaldo’s Dominance

At the moment, Ronaldo leads with 849 goals, Messi follows with 819. Here’s why Messi may never catch up:

  1. Ronaldo’s Fitness and Longevity

Ronaldo’s fitness and durability are key. Ronaldo, at 38, rarely gets injured. In contrast, Messi, at 36, suffered an injury that limited his playtime to just 72 minutes for inter Miami since September.

2. Al-Nassr’s Fixtures Advantage

Ronaldo benefits from more fixtures. In the Saudi Pro League, Al-Nassr can participate in various competitions. Messi will only play competitively for inter Miami in February due to MLS regulations.

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3. Messi’s Age Factor

Despite being two years younger, Messi feels he effects of is age. He needs careful management to stay fit and his playing time and goal-scoring chances are limited.

4. Quality Around Ronaldo

Ronaldo plays with high-quality teammates’ in the Saudi Pro League, including Aymeric Laporte, Alex Telles, Marcelo Brozovic, and Sadio Mane. This strengthens his advantage.


The GOAT ebates endures. Messi’s age edge may not be enough. Ronaldo’s fitness, fixtures, and teammates keep him ahead. The rivalry continues as they approach the twilight of theri careers. Stay updated with us!

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