Visa Flags Naira Marley

Visa Flags Naira Marley

Famous Nigerian singer Naira Marley’s Visa, a card payment platform, found some suspicious activity related to his credit card. Let’s dive in!

The Investigation

So, there’s this person called Dein Whyte who works for the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission. He’s like a detective who investigates crimes involving money. Dein Whyte recently shared some important information with Justice Nicholas Oweibo at the Federal High Court in Lagos.

Dein Whyte explained that when they arrested Naira Marley, they found a device (like a phone or a computer) that had some bad programs on it. These programs were used to steal credit card information from people without them knowing. Can you believe that? It’s like being a secret spy but in a bad way!

The Suspicious Tools

Dein Whyte also discovered some tools on Naira Marley’s device that helped him hide his location when he used the internet. It’s like wearing an invisible cloak! These tools were used to check if credit card information was real and where the card was issued. They even found out that Naira Marley visited websites where people illegally traded credit card information. Yikes!

Not His Cards

Now, here’s the interesting part. The investigator found out that the credit card details on Naira Marley’s device didn’t belong to him. They weren’t issued by any bank or financial institution. It means that he got those details from someone else. And guess what? One of those cards was reported for being used fraudulently by Visa, the payment platform.

Naira Marley and Sam Larry Sue for N40 Million”

Visa’s Investigation

During the trial, Naira Marley’s lawyer asked Dein Whyte about Visa’s investigation. Visa confirmed that the card linked to the fraud was flagged for suspicious activity. But here’s the thing, Visa didn’t directly say that Naira Marley’s device was involved in the fraud. They just said that they are a payment platform, not a telecommunication company. So, they couldn’t provide all the details.

The Trial Continues

Well, that’s all for now, my middle school friends. The trial is still going on, and the judge has adjourned it to March 6 and 7, 2024. Naira Marley is facing some se! various charges, including conspiracy and credit card fraud. Let’s see what happens next!


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