Zambia Urges Public Health

Zambia Urges Public Health

Acting President Calls for Implementation

The government of the Republic of Zambia is urging African leaders, health ministers, scientists, innovators, and researchers to take action and implement decisions and policies to protect public health in Africa and beyond. Mrs. Mutale Nalumango, the acting President of Zambia, made this call during the closing ceremony of the third International Conference on Public Health in Africa.

Focus on Implementation

Mrs. Nalumango emphasized the importance of implementing the decisions made during the conference. She highlighted the need for practical solutions to address the public health challenges faced by Africa. While acknowledging the complexity of these challenges, she expressed hope in the opportunities for innovation, collaboration, and change.

Exploring Public Health Issues

The conference covered various areas of public health, including infectious diseases, non-communicable diseases, and emerging health threats. Experts and participants discussed the complexities and challenges faced by Africa in the field of public health.

Inspiring New Ideas

Mrs. Nalumango commended the speakers and panelists for their contributions in inspiring new ideas that will shape the future of public health policies and practices in Africa. She encouraged them to share their knowledge and maintain connections and partnerships to drive transformative initiatives.

Strengthening Health Systems

The Minister of Health, Sylvia Masebo, called on stakeholders to strengthen health systems in Africa. She emphasized the need for resilient and functional public health systems that can withstand various challenges, including those arising from climate change.

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Successful Conference

The third International Conference on Public Health in Africa, with the theme “Breaking Barriers: Repositioning Africa in the Global Health Architecture,” was a major success. It attracted over 5,100 participants from more than 90 countries, including African Heads of State, Ministers of health, scientists, researchers, and journalists. The conference featured 45 sessions and 97 side events, making it the most attended event since 2021.

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