FG Pays Fines

FG Pays Fines

Government Raises Funds to Decongest Correctional Centers

The Federal Government announced on Thursday that it has collected N585 million to settle fines for inmates. This initiative aims to reduce overcrowding in correctional centers across the country.

Release of 150 Inmates in Kano State

In Kano, the Minister of Interior, Dr. Olubunmi Tunji-Ojo, represented by Dr. Anayo Romanus-Nzekwe, released 150 inmates whose fines were paid by the Federal Government. The Minister had expressed concern about the large number of inmates unable to pay their fines, with over 4,000 still in detention.

Government’s Commitment to Freeing Inmates

Dr. Tunji-Ojo had promised to clear fines estimated at N500 million and release the inmates. As part of President Bola Tinubu’s Renewed Hope Agenda, the government plans to free a total of 4,068 inmates nationwide.

Improving Custodial Centers for Reformation and Rehabilitation

The Federal Government aims to decongest custodial centers and create a more humane environment for the reformation and rehabilitation of offenders. The released inmates were unable to pay their fines and compensation, which amounted to N13.4 million in Kano State alone.

Training and Support for Inmates

All inmates in custodial centers with fines and compensation not exceeding N1 million are eligible for this initiative. The government has provided training to equip them with functional skills for self-reliance upon their release.

Assistance for Inmates’ Return to Society

Each freed inmate received N10,000 to help them return to their homes and villages. The Minister commended the Nigerian Correctional Service for their efforts in providing a safe and humane custody environment.

Welcoming the Returning Inmates

The Minister urged the public and communities to receive the returning inmates with open arms and avoid stigmatizing them. Stigmatization can lead to a higher risk of reoffending, which endangers society. He encouraged the inmates to see this as a second chance to make positive changes in their lives.

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Release of Inmates in Gombe State

In Gombe State, the Chief Judge, Justice Halima Mohammed, pardoned and freed 185 inmates across five custodial facilities. This decision was based on the recommendation of the Criminal Justice Reform Committee.

Call for Good Behavior and Patience

Justice Mohammed advised the released inmates to maintain good character to benefit from the committee’s gesture. She also urged those awaiting trial to be patient and exhibit good behavior while waiting for their sentencing.

Appreciation for the Criminal Justice Reform Committee

The Comptroller of the Gombe State Command of the Nigerian Correctional Service expressed gratitude to Justice Halima Mohammed and the Criminal Justice Reform Committee for their compassion and service delivery.

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