NIS Passport Service Expansion

NIS Passport Service Expansion

Opening More Service Points for Nigerians Abroad

The Comptroller General of the Nigerian Immigration Service (NIS), Mrs. Caroline Adepoju, has announced plans to open additional passport service points to cater to the needs of Nigerians living abroad.

Efforts to Ease Passport Processing

In an interview with the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN), Adepoju stated that the NIS is also working on simplifying the passport processing system within the country.

Addressing the Growing Number of Nigerians in the UK, USA, and Canada

Adepoju acknowledged the increasing number of Nigerians in the UK, USA, and Canada due to various reasons such as families relocating, students pursuing education, and individuals seeking better opportunities.

To meet the demands of these Nigerians, the NIS is committed to creating more service points in these countries.

Listening to the Plight of Nigerians

Adepoju assured Nigerians that their concerns are being heard and that the NIS is working diligently to address them. She expressed confidence in overcoming the challenges with the support of the people.

Expanding Passport Processing Centers in Nigeria

To alleviate the pressure on passport centers in Lagos, Kwara, and Ondo states, the NIS has already opened three additional passport processing centers in Ikorodu, Offa, and Ile-Oluji. Adepoju also mentioned plans to open more centers in high-volume areas like Ibadan and Badagry.

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Encouraging Nigerians to Apply Early

Adepoju urged Nigerians to apply for passport renewal at least six months before the expiry date. This will help reduce the burden on both individuals and the system.

She also emphasized the importance of avoiding touts and encouraged Nigerians to apply for an International Passport online, make payments, and book appointments through the NIS website.

Transitioning to a Digital System

The NIS is working towards digitizing the entire passport application process to minimize human interference. This move aims to streamline the system and make it more efficient.

Renewing Passports for Nigerians in the Diaspora

Adepoju appealed to Nigerians living abroad whose passports are tied to their stay and status in foreign countries to be mindful of renewing their passports on time.

Addressing Technical Issues

Delays in passport issuance can occur due to technical issues, such as the non-alignment of the applicant’s data with their National Identity Number (NIN). Adepoju assured that the NIS is working closely with the National Identification Management Commission (NIMC) to resolve these issues.

She encouraged individuals facing such challenges to reach out to the NIS through their website to report complaints and provide feedback for prompt resolution.

Collecting Pending Passports

Adepoju informed the public that there are thousands of uncollected passports. She urged applicants to come forward and collect their passports, emphasizing that the NIS has already produced a significant number of passports waiting for collection.

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