Gaza Conflict Resumes

Gaza Conflict Resumes

Israeli Warplanes Strike Gaza as Truce Collapses

After a week-long truce came to an end with no agreement to extend it, war has resumed in Gaza. Israeli warplanes have resumed bombing the area, causing Palestinian civilians to seek shelter. Rocket sirens are also sounding in southern Israel.

Israel Accuses Hamas of Violating the Truce

The Israeli military has accused Hamas of violating the truce by firing rockets, leading to the resumption of combat operations. Israeli planes are targeting what they call “terrorist targets” in Gaza.

Hamas Blames Israel for the End of the Truce

Hamas, on the other hand, holds Israel responsible for the collapse of the truce. They accuse Israel of rejecting offers to release more hostages held by militants in Gaza.

Intensive Bombardment and Fleeing Residents

As the truce deadline passed, intense bombardment was witnessed in eastern areas of Gaza. Smoke rose into the sky, and residents took to the streets, fleeing to safer areas in the west. In the north, plumes of smoke could be seen rising above the ruins.

Deaths Reported Shortly After Truce Expiration

Only two hours after the truce expired, Gaza’s health ministry reported that 32 people had already been killed in air strikes.

Defiance from Both Sides

The Israeli government stated that they are committed to achieving their goals through the war, including freeing hostages, eliminating Hamas, and ensuring the safety of Israeli residents. Hamas, on the other hand, remains defiant, vowing to confront Israel’s aggression and targeting of civilians.

Truce Allowed for Hostage Exchange and Aid

The seven-day truce, which began on November 24, allowed for the exchange of hostages and the entry of humanitarian aid into Gaza. Israeli women and children hostages were freed in return for Palestinian detainees, and foreign hostages were also released.

Israel-Hamas Truce Extended

Attempts to Extend the Truce

Mediators tried to extend the truce by finding a way to continue hostage releases, potentially including Israeli men. However, no agreement was reached.

Ongoing Conflict and Devastation

Israel has vowed to annihilate Hamas in response to previous attacks. The conflict has caused significant damage to Gaza, with thousands of casualties and a large number of displaced people. The United Nations estimates that 80% of Gaza’s population has been driven from their homes.

Humanitarian Crisis and Lack of Aid

Gaza is facing a humanitarian crisis, with residents living in makeshift shelters and aid being insufficient to meet their needs. Israel has imposed a total siege on the area, making it difficult for people to escape or receive necessary assistance.

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