High Voltage Power Line Survival

High Voltage Power Line Survival

Are you equipped with the knowledge to save yourself in the event of a high voltage power line accident? Your survival might just depend on it. Watch this crucial video.

In an electrified world, knowing how to survive a high voltage power line incident is crucial. We’ve compiled vital guidelines for your safety.

The Danger Zone: Understanding The Physics

When a high voltage power line falls, it forms a dangerous “danger zone” with varying electric potential rings, highest at the center.

If you find yourself stepping into this hazardous area, you’ll experience an unmistakable numbness in one of your legs.

When your other foot touches the ground, it creates a dangerous distance difference, causing cross-part voltage as current enters and exits your body from concentric circles.

30 Lives Lost in “Titanic”

Essentially, the further you cross within this zone, the greater the potential difference, and consequently, the higher the risk of fatal injury.

Survival Strategies: Staying Calm is Key

  1. Maintain Composure: The first and most critical step is to stay calm. Resist the urge to panic, move forward, or attempt to run away. Your safety depends on your ability to keep your wits about you.
  2. Single-leg Stand: Stand on the ground with only one leg. This is the safest initial position to adopt.
  3.  Leap to Safety: Now, jump away from the danger zone in the opposite direction. This simple leap can mean the difference between life and death.


Alternate Approaches To Safety

For those who struggle with balance or are uncertain about their ability to jump effectively, there are alternative methods to consider.

  1. Two-feet Landing: If you have poor balance, land with both feet simultaneously outside the danger zone and then swiftly leap away from the high voltage power line.
  2.  The Foot Rub Technique: As a last resort, you can use the foot-rubbing method. Alternately rub your feet together while slowly moving in the opposite direction. Keep in mind that your feet must remain in contact with the ground and move no more than five centimeters at a time.

Spread the Word: Sharing this Life-Saving Information

Share this life-saving video with loved ones and friends to equip them with knowledge for high voltage power line incidents. Your actions today can save lives tomorrow.

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