CSO’s Ultimatum to Tinubu

CSO’s Ultimatum to Tinubu

In a surprising turn of events, the COS issued a seven-day ultimatum to tinubu, demanding a apology and resignation. This comes amidst academic credentials controversies from CSU.

In a scathing statement released on Friday, the CSO expressed outrage, thereby labeling it an embarrassment to all Nigerians. furthermore, they confirmed CSU revelations about Tinubu’s identity.

Santuraki ridiculed Tinubu’s dubious identity as Lagos governor, citiong false 1999 affidavit claims, including non-existent schools like Aroloya Primary, government College Ibadan, and the University of Chicago.

In the absence of state governors’ immunity and amid divisive media manipulations, Tinubu should have resigned earlier. This situation calls to mind past leaders who face identity theft allegations, adding a layer of sarcasm to the statement.

Santuraki emphasized that the Tinubu Chicago Gate exposé confirmed false claims about his education and a forged CSU diploma certificate for the 2023 elections.

Consequently, the CSO condemned Tinubu, labeling it “brazen criminality” for alleged forgery of a foreign academic certificate, constituting perjury and violating Nigeria’s Constitution.

CSU Releases Tinubu’s Academic Records

In a stern ultimatum, the CSO warns that;

“if Tinubu didn’t apologize, resign within seven days, they’d demand swift National Assembly action, including immediate impeachment proceedings.If Tinubu doesn’t apologize and resign within seven days, the CSO urges the National Assembly to act swiftly to protect the nation’s image and uphold the integrity of the presidency, as per Constitution.”

As a result, thi ultimatum intensifies pressure on Tinubu to address academic controversies. Consequently, the nation is eagerly awaiting his response.

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