CSU Releases Tinubu’s Academic Records

CSU Releases Tinubu’s Academic Records

CSU complies with the Illinois court order, releasing Tinubu’s academic records at Atiku’s request ahead of the election.

Compliance with Court Order

As released by CSU, Tinubu‘ records in response to a court order, highlighting its obligation due to public interest before the election.

No Diploma Certificates Available

In response to Atiku’s request for Tinubu’s 1997 diploma certificates, CSU reiterated it lacks copies, holding its previous stance.

Confirmation of Graduation Year

Despite the missing diploma certificates, CSU’s academic records confirms Tinubu’s 1979 graduation, establishing his educational history at the university.

Chidoka Criticizes Tinubu’s Academic Transparency

Matching Format

CSU noted that President Tinubu’s 1997 diploma certificates matched his replacement certificates dated June 27, 1997, hinting at consistent document formats at the time.

These developments enhance transperency in the election as Tinubu’s academic records are released, partially fulfilling Atiku’s request by confirming his 1979 graduation year.

With the election approaching, this disclosure may impact the political debate and campaign trail, but its full effect remains uncertain.

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