Tinubu’s Controversial EFCC Chairman Pick

Tinubu’s Controversial EFCC Chairman Pick

In Abuja, President Tinubu plans to appoint Olukoyede as EFCC chairman, raising questions about qualifications in Nigeria’s politics.

President’s Pick Revealed

Premium Times reports that an unnamed “top presidency source” revealed Tinubu’s choice of Olukoyede as EFCC chairman, with Senate confirmation expected soon.

EFCC chair: Controversy over Olukoyede’s Plan appointment

Olukoyede’s impending appointment stirs controversy and sparks debate over his qualifications.

Olukoyede, a lawyer, served as the agency’s secretary under Magu, but both were suspended by President Buhari in 2020 without a comeback.

How Tinubu suspended Bawa as EFCC chair

Earlier this year, Tinubu ousted Bawa as EFCC chair, appointing Abdulkarim Chukkol as acting head, raising questions about the agency’s leadership stability.

Controversy: Is Olukoyede qualifies to serve as EFCC chairman?

The key issue is Olukoyede’s qualification for the role. The EFCC Act requires a chairman with high-ranking law enforcement experience and at least 15 years of expertise.

So, it begs the question: Does Olukoyede meet these statutory requirements, or are they merely an inconvenient formality in Nigeria’s political theatre?

Tinubu’s Déjà Vu: Familiar Message Strikes Again

Tinubu told to release Bawa “without further delay”

Meanwhile, Omoyele Sowore, the AAC presidential candidate in 2019 and 2023, expressed his discontent on X formeerly Twitter.

Sowore’s August 11 tweet urged President Tinubu to release Bawa, alleging political motives and a lack of charges by Nigerian authorities, hinting at “political persecution.”

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