Nigerian Lady’s Serpent Saviour

Nigerian Lady’s Serpent Saviour

In a heart-pounding encounter with divine protection, Jay Jameypeters expresses profound gratitude for her miraculous escape from a venomous threat.

Double Trouble: Two Snakes Invade Jameypeter’s Sanctuary

On that fateful Sunday night, October 15, 2023, the fearless Jameypeters confronted not one but two uninvited serpentine guests in her bedroom, leaving even the boldest thrill-seekers trembling beneath their covers.

A Harrowing Night: Snakes Beneath The Bed And a Daring Escape

While one snake stealthily hid beneath her bed, the other bodily attempted an audacious escape, turning her room into snake pit of nightmares.

A Dim Abyss: When Light Betrayed

With her smartphone’s light gone, Jameypeters faced perilous darkness after 30 minutes.

Unyielding Faith: The Resilience of Jay Jameypeters

Unfazed by the life-threatening serpent soiree, Jameypeters clung to her faith in divine intervention, proclaiming, “God was faithful o me last night. I thank Him.

Human Intruders: Thieves on the Loose

Monday morning brought a new twist to the tale as car battery thieves invaded her life. Her father’s prized possession became their target.

A Race Against Justice: One Caught, One Escape

In a twist of fate, a vigilant neighbor sounded the alarm, leading to the capture of one audacious thief. Yet, the other fled at a pace that could make Usain Bolt envious.

High Voltage Power Line Survival

An Ironic Conclusion: Divine Irony Abounds

Jameypeters, charming and slightly sarcastic, finished her incredible story. “Two guys tried to steal my Dad’s car battery this morning. One caught, one got away. Thank God.

A Beacon of Hope Amidst Darkness

Not every day does someone encounter not one but two serpentine surprises in their bedroom, yet Jameypeters stands as living proof that when snakes and thieves come knocking, divine assistance is merely a prayer away.


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