30 Lives Lost in “Titanic”

30 Lives Lost in “Titanic”

A tragic boat accident in Yauri, Kebbi State, claimed 30 lives, leaving  the community in mourning as authorities respond.

Chairman Confirms the Grim News.

Bola Yauri, Yauri LGA Chairman, confirmed the incident to Voice of America and mobilized local divers for victim recovery.

Yauri reported, “Over 50 were on board; sadly, over 30 are still trapped in the river, while some escaped.”

He added, “We’re striving to find and evacuate the victims’ bodies in line with Islamic customs. The boat carried traders from Niger or Kebbi, transporting essential foodstuffs.”

Eyewitness Account Points to Harsh Weather Conditions

Eyewitness Alhaji Sani Yauri revealed that a powerful gust of wind caused the boat’s driver to lose control, resulting in a catastrophic capsizing.

Sani recounted, “I was present at the scene when the tragedy unfolded. It was the result of an intense and unexpected wind gust that abruptly robbed the boat’s operator of control, resulting in its swift capsizing.

Nigeria Stowaways Survived Consuming Urine On a Ship To Europe.

The community mourns as authorities support affected families and recover victim’s remains during ongoing rescue operations.

This incident underscores the need for safety and vigilance in unpredictable weather-prone regions. The community mourns together while awaiting resolution.


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