Naira Marley in Police Custody Over Mohbad’s

Naira Marley in Police Custody Over Mohbad’s

In shocking twist, Naira Marley is in police custody, involved in the investigation into Mohbad’s untimely death.

The Arrest That Rocked The Music Scene

Lagos Police Spokesman, Benjamin Hundeyin, revealed the news: “Naira Marley’s in custody for interrogation. ” Quite a twist, isn’t it?

Naira Marley Returns to Lagos, But Not for a Concert

Adding to the drama, Naira Marley returned to Lagos, not for a concert but to assist authorities in the ongoing probe, he tweeted, “I’ve arrived back in Lagos to assist with the investigation.”

In a hint at the saga, he said, I’ll meet with police for the truth and justice.” Has Naira Marley’s legal troubles caught up with him?

The Mysterious Demise of Mohbad

Suspicion fell on Naira Marley when Mohbad’s tragic death sent shockwaves. Police invited Naira Marley and music promoter Sam Larry, noe in custody, to explain.

The plot thickened as the police revealed pathologists had finished the autopsy but awaited results, leaving many on edge about hidden secrets.

Debunking the Mohbad Ritual Conspiracy

The Exhumation That Shook the Ground.

As the investigation progressed a team of police and health officials exhumed Mohbad’s body, sending shivers down onlookers” spines.

The Needle That Injected Suspicion

The drama continued as the police arrested the nurse who gave he fatal injection. The narrative grew more perplexing with each twist.

Naira Marley’s involvement in Mohbad’s death investigation shines a light on music industry shadows. The world waits for truth and justice, pondering the real-life drama.




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