Tragic Deaths in Kano Diesel Reservoir

Tragic Deaths in Kano Diesel Reservoir

Two workers tragically lost their lives in a diesel tank accident on October 8th. The incident occurred near Katsina Road in Kano State, Nigeria. According to Saminu Abdullahi, a spokesperson for the Kano State Fire Service, Philip Osando and Philip Emmanuel suffocated while clearing out a diesel reservoir.

That Saturday evening, an urgent call came into the fire service around 8:20 PM. Police Inspector Abubakar Surajo reported the emergency and rescue crews rushed to the scene. By 8:27 PM, they arrived to find the two men trapped inside the tank.

Abdullahi said Osando and Emmanuel had entered the reservoir to clean it out. However, an unexpected message arrived that more diesel fuel was coming. Unfortunately, the workers could not get out in time.
Firefighters launched a rescue attempt but it was too late.

They recovered the victims, who were then taken to the hospital by police. Doctors confirmed upon arrival that Osando and Emmanuel had already passed away.

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This tragic accident highlights the importance of workplace safety. It is a reminder that unexpected dangers can arise at any moment. Proper safety protocols and vigilance are necessary to prevent such loss of life. The deaths of Osando and Emmanuel will not be forgotten in Kano State.

Their lives underscore the value of every individual and the need for strong safety measures in all industrial environments.

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