Speaker To President Tinubu: Address Rising Security Challenges

Speaker To President Tinubu: Address Rising Security Challenges

The Speaker of the House of Representatives, Tajudeen Abbas, has called on President Bola Tinubu to take decisive action in response to the increasing security challenges in the country. Abbas also emphasized the need for new strategies to combat the widespread insecurity affecting Nigeria.

Worsening Security Challenges

Abbas expressed concern over the escalating security challenges that have resulted in the loss of many lives in Plateau, Kaduna, and other parts of the country. He warned that if these issues are not effectively addressed, they could pose a threat to the stability of the nation. Abbas acknowledged that traditional security approaches are no longer sufficient and urged for innovative and contemporary strategies to tackle the complexities of the current challenges.

Call to Security Forces

The Speaker commended the bravery and sacrifice of the security forces but urged them to review their approaches and strategies. He emphasized the need for adaptation and innovation to counter the evolving tactics of the enemy. Abbas challenged the security forces to demonstrate their indomitable spirit and do more to protect the lives and property of the Nigerian people.

Concern for the Country

Abbas expressed his deep concern as a citizen about the widespread insecurity plaguing the country. He acknowledged that Nigeria is facing significant challenges that test the resolve, unity, and spirit of its people.

Various Threats

The Speaker highlighted the threats of insurgency, kidnapping for ransom, and unrest across all six geo-political zones. He expressed sympathy for the families and communities affected by these tumultuous events and mourned the loss of innocent lives due to acts of terror.

Demands for Greater Performance and Accountability

Abbas urged President Tinubu to demand greater performance and accountability from service chiefs and all security and enforcement agencies. He emphasized the importance of making tough decisions and enacting changes within the security apparatus if necessary. The Speaker stressed that the cost of inaction is too great to bear.

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National Security Summit

Abbas reiterated his plan to convene a national security summit where stakeholders from various sectors would collaborate to find lasting solutions to the country’s security challenges. He emphasized the need to harness collective expertise, break down barriers, and chart a new course toward peace and stability.

Economic Challenges

The Speaker also acknowledged the economic challenges facing Nigeria and pledged the readiness of the legislative arm to assist the executive in finding solutions. He highlighted issues such as inflation, unemployment, infrastructural deficits, and the depreciation of the naira. Abbas recognized the President’s economic policies as steps in the right direction and emphasized the need for effective implementation to benefit all Nigerians.

Performance Assessment

Abbas commended the President’s move to track and review the annual performance of Federal Ministries, Departments, and Agencies. He stressed the importance of a proper performance assessment framework to ensure alignment with national priorities. The Speaker called for the results of the performance report to be presented to the National Assembly for transparency and accountability. He suggested that officials whose performance falls below the minimum benchmark should be replaced by more competent individuals.

Legislative Priorities

Abbas outlined the legislative priorities for 2024, including electoral reforms, constitutional alterations, citizens’ engagement, oversight improvement, institutional capacity strengthening, and greater collaboration with the executive. He emphasized the immediate concern for electoral reforms to address any shortcomings in the Electoral Act and ensure free, fair, and credible elections

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