Rising Tension Amidst Ongoing Conflict in Gaza

Rising Tension Amidst Ongoing Conflict in Gaza

In a tragic development amid the Israel-Hamas conflict, an Israeli strike on the Greek Orthodox Saint Porphyrius Church in Gaza City left several displaced individuals dead and injured, as per the Hamas-controlled interior ministry.

Hamas’s interior ministry confirmed casualties at the church compound dur to an Israeli airstrike, with eyewitnesses suggesting the strike was near the shelter where Gaza residents sought refuge during he ongoing violence.

IDF’s Response and Damage Assessment

The IDF targeted a control center, acknowledged church damage and casualties, and is reviewing the incident.

The strike damaged the church, causing an adjacent building to colapse and injuries, with historical importance as Gaza’s oldest church.

Church Condemns Attack as a war Crime, iDF Responds

The Jerusalem Orthodox Patriarchate strongly condemns the church attack calling it a war crime.

“The church is near Al-Ahli Arab hospital, hit by an airstrike earlier. Both sides accuse each other, but the strike’s origin and death toll are unverified.

Gaza Situation: High Alert

Rising Tensions Amid Ongoing Conflict in Gaza

The Gaza conflict, sparked by an alleged Hamas attack on October 7, has resulted in over 1,400 reported deaths, with majority being civilians due to continuous Israeli military actions

Israeli bombings have reportedly killed at least 3,785 palestinians in Gaza, with the majority being civilians, according to the Hamas health ministry.

The IDF emphasized that “Hamas embeds assets in civilian areas and uses Gaza residents as human shields” to explain the church damage.

As the conflict continues, tensions remain high, and the international community watches closely for any potential resolution to the ongoing violence in the region.




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