Primeboy Wanted Man’s Bizarre Case

Primeboy Wanted Man’s Bizarre Case

In an urgly event, we managed to catch up with Ibrahim, the man who was declared wanted by the police just yesterday. In an  exclusive interview, Ibrahim shed light on his side of the story before he decided to turn himself in.

A Complex Web of Relationships

Ibrahim, AKA Primeboy, shared his complicated relationship with Mohbad, describing it as a close friend turned foe after heated argument.

The Mysterious Wanted Declaration

He, Ibrahim was shocked by his sudden wanted status, alleging that there was something fishy and a potential cover-up of the case’s details.

Watch the video below.

Primeboy’s Public Confession

The interview touched upon Primeboy’s public confession, which had left many puzzled. Ibrahim questioned the wisdom of making such a statement publicly before cooperating with the authorities. He believed that Primeboy might be trying to manipulate the situation to his advantage.

The Role of Mohbad’s Wife

Verydarman raised questions about Mohbad;s wife’s behavior since the incident, suggesting that her sudden silence on social media indicated an attempt to distance herself from the case. He acknowledged that while it was possible she was innocent, fear might be driving her actions, leading to public relations efforts to protect her image.

Followers Declare Mysterious Communication with Late Mohbad

Unanswered Questions

Verydarkman emphasized the need for Mohbad’s wife and the three individuals who were with Mohbad before his demise to come forward and provide clarity on what transpired. He expressed concern over the conflicting narratives surrounding Mohbad’s final moments and the need for a comprehensive investigation

Seeking Justice

In conclusion, verydarkman emphasized he need for justice in Mohbad’s case, urging everyone to reveal the truth and putting aside sentiments. The interview revealed the case’s complexity, leaving many questions unanswered.

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