Bode George warns Tinubu against war invasion of Niger.

Bode George warns Tinubu against the war invasion of Niger.
Previous Public Representative Administrator (South-West) of the People Groups Progressive Alliance (PDP), Boss Olabode George, has composed an open letter to President Bola Tinubu, cautioning the Nigerian chief against the arranged attack of Niger Republic by armed forces drawn from the West African sub-locale.

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The territorial coalition has been reflecting on a tactical mediation as a feature of measures to reestablish a majority rule government in the West African nation keeping an overthrow that eliminated President Mohammed Bazoum last week, however, George, a resigned general, says Tinubu who is the Executive of ECOWAS, shouldn’t drag Nigeria into a conflict.

In the letter dated Friday, August 4, George raised a few motivations behind why the President shouldn’t think about a tactical mediation in Niger:

“Dear President Bola Tinubu,
“I keep in touch with you as a Nigerian, a resigned General in the Nigerian military, a loyalist, and a conflict strategist.
“On July 26, 2023, the Authority of the Official Gatekeeper in the Niger Republic, General Abdourahamane Tchiani, ousted President Mohamed Bazoum, held onto power and is presently the new strongman of the Nigerien Military.
“As the head of ECOWAS, you quickly welcomed other West African pioneers, and a final proposal was given to Tchiani that Bazoum should be restored or something bad might happen, areas of strength for a power (very much like ECOMOG in Liberia and Sierra Leone) will attack the Niger Republic and strongly reestablish him.
“The number of inhabitants in Niger Republic is 27,294,785 (very much like Lagos State). Niamey is the capital and the populace is 1,437,000 (not up to Alimosho Gathering in that frame of mind) as the President of the Military of the Government Republic of Nigeria who gets security briefings ordinarily since you were confirmed on May 29, 2023, you might have been informed that even a Unit of the Nigerian Armed force, directed by a Colonel, can smash the troopers in the Niger Republic.
“Presently, my perceptions:
“Most importantly, you have made the best decision by sending a designation comprising of previous Head of State, General Abdulsalami Abubakar (rtd), and King of Sokoto, Muhammad Saad Abubakar, a resigned Brigadier-General, to meet the Tactical Central leadership in Niger.
“Sending a delegation is OK. Discretion is dependably a superior choice to war. To jaw is superior to war.

“Yet, I accept, it would have been exceptional assuming the full Nigerian coloration was reflected in that designation.

“A few representatives (serving or resigned) ought to have been remembered for the designation. Representatives are prepared for a circumstance like this. What’s going on in Niger right presently isn’t just for the military.
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“Number two, when you have an emergency inside, you tackle that first before going global with an ‘Elder sibling’ act.
“In your last public transmission, you even conceded that Nigerians are going through a ton and everything is being finished to reduce their misery.
“In Nigeria today, there is no food, no monetary influence to purchase fuel, no light, no cash. Nigerians are mentally abandoned and individuals are truly going through a ton. Along these lines, I don’t have the foggiest idea what our going to the Niger Republic with full military power will accomplish.
“Assuming you recall, Nigeria, uniquely, supported ECOMOG military tasks and that was the point at which our economy was better. Which economy would we say we will involve now to fund a full military activity in the Niger Republic when Mali and Burkina Faso have taken steps to favor one side with the Niger Republic?

“Will this not prompt the breakdown of ECOWAS? Do we truly know the kind of sectarian game Western powers, on one hand, Russia and China, on another hand, and a few other African nations, are playing behind the scene? Might we at any point truly trust any of them?

“Should Nigeria’s advantage not assume a significant part before taking any choice of this gigantic aspect which can prompt loss of lives and obliteration of properties?
“I saw a video of certain Nigeriens, on a street show, backing Tchiani and manhandling you. That might have been organized by the coupists very okay however do we want that kind of interruption now when everything is being finished to guarantee that Nigeria moves its economy to a higher level?
“Do we know the association of Russians as a result of the Uranium in Niger? In Nigeria, the discretionary cycle is yet to be finished, the palliatives you guaranteed given the evacuation of fuel sponsorship installment are still in the air, so for what reason would we like to send our fighters to take part in an unnecessary conflict?

“In ECOMOG, Nigeria paid for nearly everything. However, the economy then was not quite the same as what we have now.
“We as a whole know that Nigeriens, straightforwardly or by implication, are battling the French due to Digestion Strategy which has impacted the Francophone talking nations, dissimilar to what we have in English talking nations, similar to Nigeria.
“We ought to think long and hard about entering another nation militarily. Try not to begin what you can’t wrap up.
“Niger is one of the biggest (landline) nations on the planet and quite possibly of the least fortunate. What precisely do we acquire on the off chance that we do battle in Niger? What? So that individuals can commend us as a protector of a majority rules government? When individuals are kicking the bucket at home, do we want that sort of recognition from anyone?
“I’m a resigned General. In this way, I realize that war is difficult. Kindly, don’t drive Nigerians to participate in a perpetual conflict.

“Despite its mineral riches, Niger Republic has been held somewhere near its authority for quite a long time. More than 75% of Nigeriens are poor and uninformed. With impeccable timing, if they don’t need Tchiani, they will dispose of him. Allow Nigeriens to manage their decay and let us center around how to save what is going on back home.

“I’m certain you know that seven Northern states – Kebbi, Sokoto, Zamfara, Katsina, Jigawa, Yobe, and Borno – share a 1,608 kilometers in length line with five locales in Niger Republic. If there should be an occurrence of any conflict, occupants of these states will be immediate focuses of projectiles and rockets. This can likewise prompt a resurgence of crimes in the line regions.
“Likewise, a few nations, for example, Algeria, Libya, Chad, Benin, Burkina Faso, and Mali share borders with the Niger Republic. Could we at any point trust these nations to help us militarily and generally if there should be an occurrence of a conflict with the Niger Republic?
“In these, we ought to ask ourselves, for what reason did we back a rail line to Maradi during the President Muhammadu Buhari organization?
“Russia attacked Ukraine quite a while back. A great many individuals – fighters and regular people – have been killed, billions of dollars worth of properties have been annihilated and there is still no foreseeable endgame.
“In Global Relations and Governmental issues, you safeguard your public interest first. Burkina Faso and Mali transparently announced that they would uphold Niger. Could we at any point additionally believe Chad which has been under military rule since April 2021? Might it be said that we are certain this transition to attack the Niger Republic won’t influence ECOWAS?
“Is this the ideal opportunity to spend the cash Nigeria doesn’t need to battle in another country? Politically, monetarily, and socially, we are still in a mess. Then you need to add the fourth one: Warfare.
“Anyone who has been in the tactical will let you know war is not something simple. We should watch out.
“Say thanks to God you have begun the political move. Give the emissaries to proceed with the strategic conversation access Niger. War isn’t a casual get-together,” he closed.


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