Mama Masha Sentenced to 12 years

Mama Masha Sentenced to 12 years

Benin City Court, led by Justice Geraldine Imadegbelo, sentences “Mama Masha” to 12 years and #24 million for human trafficking.

The Notorious Convict

Mama Masha, living on Okuarobo street in Benin, faced 24 charges, including aiding human trafficking and organizing trips to Belgium for prostitution, violating TIPPEA.

Mama Masha, despite denying all charges, faced three prosecution witnesses, including Belgian officer Jimmy Wellem Hendrik, who arrived unexpectedly from Brussel on May 31 2023.

The Shocking Revelations

Hendrik painted a grim picture: Mama Masha’s children faced justice in Belgium, with severe sentences and fines. Belgian authorities considered trying her in absentia due to escape victims’ evidence.

According to Hendrik, Nigerian girls trafficked to Belgium and other European countries stood almost naked, parading themselves by windows and in private clubs, seeking customers to fulfill the sinister demands of their traffickers.

The Victims

Mama Masha trafficked victims aged 14-23 to her own children in Belgium for prostitution in 2015.

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A Global Perspective

The Belgian detective stressed the fight against human trafficking spans borders, with successful victims resettlement in Belgium.

Guilty as Charged

After a thorough trial, Justice Geraldine Imadegbelo found Mama Masha guilty on all 24 counts, sentencing her to 12 years in prison and a #24 million fine.

This case sends a message: Justice prevails, Mama Masha’s reign of terror ends, and we hope for a safer world.

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