On-Set Showdown: Zubby Micheal vs. 042 Prince”

On-Set Showdown: Zubby Micheal vs. 042 Prince

In a shocking turn of events, Nollywood actors Zubby Micheal and 042 prince, also known as Ogbu Johnson, have taken the internet by storm with their on-set brawl that had everyone talking. The incident, which unfolded during a movie production, has left fans and critics alike wondering if it was all part of an elaborate act.

The scene began innocently enough, with Zubby Micheal and 042 Prince engrossed in their roles, delivering lines that captivated the audience on set. However, what started as a scripted interaction quickly escalated into real-life clash that no one saw coming.

In the viral video, Zubby Micheal and 042 Prince exchanged repeated blows, shocking the set and prompting crew members to intervene.

Watch the video below


Tension filled the air as the two actos fought, and chaos erupted, resembling a cinematic scene a crew members rushed in to seperate them.

Social media exploded with reactions to the video, leaving viewers in disbelief. They debated whether it was a brilliant stunt or an authentic clash between the actors, sparking sarcasm and skepticism.

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“Wow, these two are such great actors that they even fooled themselves,” one Twitter user quipped.

Another Facebook user chimed in, saying, “Nollywood taking method acting to a whole new level. Bravo!”

“Some thought it was a PR stunt, while others felt it seemed all too real. Time will tell if it boosts viewership or was just on-set tempers.”

“In the showbiz world, where sensationalism in common, Zubby Micheal and 042 Prince’s performance, whether genuine or a clash of egos, has kept the audience entertained.”




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