New Passport Automation Processes

New Passport Automation Processes

Getting a passport in Nigeria has become even more difficult due to the new passport automation processes. Many Nigerians, especially those living abroad, are facing challenges in obtaining or renewing their passports.

Problems for Nigerians in the Diaspora

Nigerians who returned to the country for the holidays are unable to take advantage of the opportunity to renew their passports. They are calling on President Bola Tinubu to address the issues caused by the new passport automation process.

Stranded Applicants

Thousands of Nigerians are stranded in selected passport offices across the country. The new system has made the process worse and more difficult for applicants. In Lagos, applicants are struggling to make online payments and upload their photos and documents by themselves, as they are not receiving assistance from immigration officers.

Challenges with the New System

While some officers welcome innovations to make the passport process easier, they believe that certain aspects of the new technological development are counterproductive. Applicants are being asked to upload photos based on ICAO standards without proper explanation, causing confusion and frustration.

Insufficient Training and Support

Officers claim that they were only introduced to the new system one week before its implementation, leaving them unable to guide frustrated applicants. Many applicants lack access to scanners and devices needed to upload the required information. Additionally, the lack of a steady power supply and uninterrupted internet access further hampers the process.

Impact on Diaspora Applicants

Passport offices in Enugu and Owerri are only able to process a few applicants per day due to difficulties with the new automated system. Diaspora applicants question whether the government considered their needs, especially considering their limited time in the country during the holiday season.

Concerns and Frustrations

Applicants are concerned that the rush to introduce the new system may lead to a decline in the quality of passports. They worry that the lack of screening may allow non-Nigerians to obtain passports, potentially posing security risks.

NIS Passport Service Expansion

Insufficient Testing and Preparation

Service providers and NIS leadership are hesitant to voice their concerns to the minister. They believe that new ideas should undergo thorough testing and preparation before being implemented for public use.


The new passport automation processes have created numerous challenges for Nigerians seeking to obtain or renew their passports. The lack of proper training, support, and testing has resulted in frustration and confusion among applicants. The government must address these issues and ensure a smoother and more efficient passport application process.

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