Muslims in Oyo Show Solidarity for Palestinians

Muslims in Oyo Show Solidarity for Palestinians

Peaceful Protest in Oyo Shows Support for Palestinians Amid Israel-Hamas Conflict

In Oyo, Nigeria, hundreds of Muslims came together for a peaceful rally to show their support for the people of Palestine during the ongoing Israel-Hamas conflict. The rally was organized by the Conference of Islamic Organizations (CIO) and included Islamic scholars, clerics, and leaders from various Muslim organizations. They believe that the Palestinians are victims of the long-running war between Israel and Hamas.

Rally Organized by Conference of Islamic Organizations (CIO) Draws Diverse Participation

The rally started at the Iwo Road under the bridge on Saturday morning and ended at the OTM Mosque on Iwo Road around noon on the same day. Despite the presence of security personnel, including members of the Nigeria Security and Civil Defence Corps and the police, the demonstrators were not discouraged. They emphasized the loss of innocent lives due to the conflict. The rally saw the participation of prominent figures from the Muslim community, such as the Grand Mufti of the Conference of Islamic Organizations in Lagos, Sheikh Dhirulahi Shafi, Dr. Daud Amao Alaga, Barrister Abdulrahman Olaiya, and Professor Modiu Durowoju, an expert in Chemical Engineering. Their presence highlighted the importance of this demonstration of solidarity and concern for the ongoing conflict in the Middle East.

Call for International Intervention and Urgent Peace Process to End the Ongoing Conflict

Professor Mondiu Durowoju, speaking on behalf of the demonstrators, called for immediate international intervention to bring an end to the Israel-Hamas conflict. He emphasized the role of the United Nations in this process and urged them to retrieve the peace process from the control of the United States. Durowoju also pleaded with the UN to pressure Israel to stop its bombing campaigns in Gaza and other areas. He stated, “The international community, led by the United Nations, should ask Israel to stop bombing Gaza and other areas.

“NUPENG’s Nationwide Strike Threat”

This violence is not only affecting the Palestinians but also the entire world.” He further called for the establishment of humanitarian corridors to ensure the delivery of aid and relief packages to Gaza and other affected regions. To achieve peace, Professor Durowoju stressed the importance of lifting the siege of Gaza in any interim peace process. He concluded by saying, “The international community, led by the UN, must take control of the peace process and work towards a two-state solution. Israel needs to stop building settlements and lift the siege of Gaza.” The rally in Oyo not only showed the local Muslim community’s concern for the ongoing conflict but also emphasized the need for global action to address the Israel-Hamas war and strive for lasting peace in the region.

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