Jakpa:10,000 Nigerian Students Studying in Australia:

Jakpa: 10,000 Nigerian Students Studying in Australia


Australian Deputy High Commissioner Highlights Successes and Opportunities

In a cool announcement, Mr. Matthew Mechan, who is like the Deputy High Commissioner at the Australian High Commission, said that more than 10,000 Nigerian students have gotten into Australian universities from 2015 to 2019. He shared this information at an education fair happening in Lagos, Nigeria. The fair is all about celebrating and making the educational connections between the two countries stronger, while also showing Nigerian students the awesome higher education options in Australia.

Pandemic Disruptions and Relaunch of the Education Fair

Mechan said that everything was going smoothly with Nigerian students going to Australian schools until the COVID-19 pandemic messed things up. He talked about this during the education fair, which is the first one happening since the pandemic started.

Talking about the fair’s relaunch, Mechan said, “The study fair had to stop because of the pandemic, but now we are working hard to make up for the lost time and make our ties with Nigeria even stronger.” He also mentioned that Australia has a great track record of producing successful graduates who go back to Nigeria and do amazing things in different fields.

Remarkable Growth in Nigerian Student Enrollments

Mechan pointed out that there has been a huge increase in the number of Nigerian students going to study in Australia. He said, “In 2015, we only had 400 students, but after our first education fair, we got 1,000 new students. So, in just one year, the number went up to 1,400 students. And it has been growing every year, with hundreds of new students joining. I think we have had at least 10,000 Nigerian students studying in Australia since 2015.”

Australia’s Appeal for Nigerian Students

Mechan talked about why Australia is such a great place for Nigerian students to study. He said, “If we can keep adding more students every year, it will be a big achievement. Australia offers a unique educational experience compared to other countries. We have a relaxed and exciting learning environment that is not only great for academics but also a fun place to live and study.”

Australia is famous for its laid-back lifestyle, cool wildlife, and beautiful beaches, which make it different from many other countries. According to The Economist, Australian cities like Melbourne have been ranked as the best or second-best cities to live in for the past ten years.

Rekindling Educational Ties

The education fair had people from Australian universities, important people, Nigerian educational institutions, and lawmakers from Nigeria. Mr. Mohammed Bassi, who is the Chairman of the Nigerian-Australian Parliamentary Friendship Group in the House of Representatives, praised the organizers of the fair for working hard to make the educational ties between Nigeria and Australia stronger. But he also asked the Australian government to let its citizens study in Nigeria so that the friendship between the two countries could grow even more.

“Canada’s Immigration Plan For Nigeria

Bassi also encouraged the Australian government to look into investing in different areas of the Nigerian economy, like minerals, culture, tourism, and non-oil sectors. He believes that doing this will help both countries work together more and make their economies stronger.

In conclusion, the education fair in Lagos showed us that a lot of Nigerian students are going to Australia for higher education, and they are making a positive impact when they come back to Nigeria. This event is all about making educational ties stronger and opening doors for more cooperation in different areas, which will make the friendship between Nigeria and Australia even better.

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