LP, PDP, Condemns Rising Food Costs

LP, PDP, Condemns Rising Food Costs

Food and essential commodity prices drive inflation to a 26.72% 18-year peak, provoking strong criticism from the opposition PDP and LP towards the Federal Government and APC.

Presidency and APC Stay Silent

The Presidency and APC remain silent, deferring to the NBS, which attributes the inflation surge to increased prices in various food items.

LP Criticizes Soaring Food Prices on World Food Day.

On World Food Day, the LP criticizes high food and goods cost as a reflection of President Bola Tinubu’s leadership. Peter Obi, former presidential candidate, worries about Nigerians’ food affordability.

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PDP Blames Tinubu and APC for Economic Crisis

The PDP sees the NBS report as proof of President Tinubu’s governance unpreparedness, citing increased poverty, a weakening Naira, and higher food prices.

Labour Party Highlights Tinubu’s Economic Mismanagement

The Labour party echoes this sentiment, emphasizing Tinubu’s economic mismanagement and the need for competent leadership.

Food Crisis and Struggle for Survival

Former VP Peter Obi highlights the ongoing food crisis, with most Nigerians spending their entire income on food. He urges the government to tackle the issue, citing increased food insecurity due to farmer attacks.

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