Court Sacks The Slapping Senator

Court Sacks The Slapping Senator

The unanimous decision was reached by a three-member panel of justices, overturning the tribunal’s previous judgement that recognized Senate Abbo of All Progressive Congress (APC) as the legitimate winner of the Senatorial seat.

The court sided with the PDP candidate’s appeal, and Senator Abbo, a controversial figure, saw his re-election hopes dashes due to his infamous 2019 assault case.


Following the incident, a High Court ordered the lawmaker to pay N50 million in damages to Ms. Warmate, a ruling later upheld by an appellate court led by justice Jamiu Tukur.

Senator Abbo confirmed his removal and urged supporters to stay calm in a  Facebook statement on Monday.

Senate Screening Drama

The ruling by the court of Appeal marks a significant turn of events in Adamawa North Senatorial District politics, potentially reshaping the future of the eat.

It remains to be seen how Senator Abbo’s party, the APC, and his constituents will react to this abrupt change in leadership.

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