Five Killed in Anambra Club

Five Killed in Anambra Club

What Happened?

On Sunday, a terrible incident took place at a nightclub in Oba, Anambra. The Anambra State Police Command has confirmed that five people lost their lives in the shooting. The victims included two members of a local vigilance group, a bouncer, and two fun seekers. Shockingly, the owner of the club was also kidnapped by the attackers.

The Police’s Response

The state Commissioner of Police, Aderemi Adeoye, expressed his sadness about the incident. He promised to do everything in his power to catch the criminals responsible for this tragedy.

When the police received a distress call at around 2 am on Monday, officers from the Oba Division and members of the local vigilance group rushed to the scene. Unfortunately, the attackers had already fled. The police had been patrolling the area until midnight, but the incident occurred after they left.

Adeoye revealed that the police have not yet arrested anyone in connection with the crime. However, they have started their investigation and are determined to bring the culprits to justice.

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Similar Incidents

This is not the first time such a horrific incident has occurred in Oba. Just two weeks ago, a similar attack took place in Ihiala, where the victim’s body was dismembered. The police suspect that the same gang is responsible for both incidents. They have an idea of where the gang operates from and are determined to apprehend them.

Preventing Future Tragedies

Oba has always been a hotspot due to its vibrant nightlife and numerous hotels. To ensure the safety of the people, especially during the upcoming holiday season, the police plan to deploy more resources and personnel to the area. They urge community and religious leaders to join the fight against immorality, unnecessary displays of wealth, and criminal activities.

Commissioner Adeoye also highlighted the importance of public awareness. He revealed that much of the money flaunted in nightclubs is obtained through illegal means. As a law enforcement agency, the police will continue to play their part in combating crime.

A History of Violence

This is not the first time Oba has experienced such a tragedy. In July, a native doctor named Mr. Chidozie Nwangu was kidnapped from his hotel room in Oba. The incident resulted in the deaths of two security guards.

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