Immigration Nabs 12 Smugglers

Immigration Nabs 12 Smugglers

In 2023, the Nigeria Immigration Service (NIS) took a big step towards stopping the dangerous practice of smuggling migrants. They arrested 12 smugglers and rescued 522 victims, handing them over to the National Agency for the Prohibition of Trafficking in Persons (NAPTIP).

Prevention and Awareness

The NIS understands that preventing smuggling is important. They want to stop the root causes of this problem. They are working with other government agencies, civil society organizations, and the media to educate the public about the dangers of irregular migration. They are also spreading awareness about the legal ways to migrate safely and orderly. They have collaborated with the NYSC, media houses, faith-based organizations, schools, markets, and union leaders to inform people about the risks of irregular migration.

Enforcement and Prosecution

The NIS is actively working to catch and punish those involved in smuggling migrants. They have arrested 12 suspected smugglers and are investigating 12 cases for prosecution. They have also repatriated and reunited 208 victims. In addition, they have handed over 522 suspected traffickers and victims of Trafficking in Persons (TIP) to NAPTIP.

Enhancing Border Security

The NIS is taking steps to make sure the borders are secure and to catch those involved in smuggling. They are using technologies like biometric identification, surveillance cameras, and the Advanced Passenger Information System (APIS) to detect and stop smugglers at the borders.

International Cooperation

The NIS knows that smuggling is a problem that goes beyond Nigeria’s borders. They are working with partners from other countries to share information and best practices in fighting smuggling. They believe that strong partnerships and cross-border cooperation are crucial in stopping criminal networks that operate across multiple countries.

NIS Passport Service Expansion

World Migrants Day

The NIS is celebrating World Migrants Day on December 18. They have planned a week of activities to raise awareness and provide support. The opening ceremony will take place on December 14, followed by presentations and a medical outreach program at a local school. On December 15, there will be sensitization programs at a secondary school, university, and market. The grand finale will be on December 18, where NIS officers will educate passport applicants in all their offices.

The Comptroller General of Immigration, Caroline Wuraola-Adepoju, said, “We are committed to protecting the rights and well-being of migrants and ensuring their safe and orderly migration.”

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