Chevron: A True Investor in Nigeria

Chevron: A True Investor in Nigeria

Chevron’s Commitment to Nigeria

Chevron Nigeria Limited wants everyone to know that they are a genuine investor in Nigeria. They have been investing in the country for over sixty years and have helped develop many communities in Nigeria.

Claims by Governor Hope Uzodinma

Recently, Governor Hope Uzodinma of Imo State made a statement saying that Chevron and other international oil companies are not real investors in Nigeria’s oil sector. He questioned why these companies are not operating filling stations in Nigeria and why they have shifted their operations offshore.

Concerns about the Environment

Governor Uzodinma also expressed concerns about the environmental impact of these oil companies. He compared the oil locations in Houston, where there are vegetables and a healthy environment, to the degraded environment in Warri, Nigeria.

FG Directs Chevron Resolution

Chevron’s Response

In response to Governor Uzodinma’s claims, Chevron Nigeria Limited sent a message to The PUNCH newspaper. They stated that they are committed to maintaining a mutually beneficial relationship with Nigeria and other stakeholders. Chevron emphasized that their investments have brought socio-economic development to many communities in Nigeria.

Environmental Responsibility

Chevron’s spokesperson disagreed with the governor’s claims about disregarding Nigeria’s environmental laws. They assured that Chevron operates with sound environmental management practices and complies with all applicable laws and regulations. The company places a high priority on the safety of people and the environment.


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