Anambra Mother Arrested: Attempted Sale of Sons for N1.8m

Anambra Mother Arrested: Attempted Sale of Sons for N1.8m

The Arrest

The Anambra State Government, through the Ministry of Women and Social Welfare, has caught a 38-year-old woman named Chinyere Chukwu trying to sell her two sons. Chukwu, who lives in Okija, was working together with her 17-year-old daughter, Joy, to sell the boys because of the tough times in the country.

The Reason

During the interrogation, Chukwu explained that she had 11 kids and couldn’t take care of all of them. That’s why she decided to sell two of them.

The Arrest Operation

The state Commissioner for Women and Social Welfare, Ify Obinabo, led a team of security officers to arrest the suspects. They pretended to be interested buyers for the children after receiving information about the transaction. Chukwu revealed, “I have 11 kids and when I could not cater to them, I decided to sell two of them. Since they are boys, the prices were kept at N1 million each but after serious bargaining by the commissioner, who posed as the buyer, we decided to sell them at N1.8 million, instead of the initial N2 million.”

The Daughter’s Plan

Chukwu’s 17-year-old daughter, the oldest of the 11 children, admitted that they planned to use the money from the sale to support her college education.

Five Killed in Anambra Club

The Government’s Response

The Commissioner, Ify Obinabo, ordered that the remaining children be taken into the state government’s custody for proper care. She also promised to arrest the neighbor who had sold off her child. Once the neighbor is caught, they will trace the child and bring them back.

A Warning

Obinabo assured everyone that the state government is determined to stop these crimes. She warned that anyone caught doing such things would be handed over to the police and prosecuted.

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