Bullying Woes in Entertainment

Bullying Woes in Entertainment

A Ticking Bomb

The Nigerian entertainment industry, known for its glitz and glamour, has a hidden problem of bullying and harassment. Many aspiring talents face these challenges in their pursuit of stardom. Let’s take a closer look at this dark underbelly of the multi-million dollar industry.

Outcry for Justice

The tragic death of promising singer Ileorioluwa Aloba, also known as Mohbad, brought attention to the issue of bullying within the Nigerian entertainment industry. Mohbad faced public humiliation and physical assault allegedly orchestrated by his former record label, Marlian Music. The public outcry following his death led to the arrest of Naira Marley and others involved in the harassment. This case shed light on a broader pattern of bullying within the industry.

Pandemic: An Industry Full of Bullies

Bullying in the entertainment industry is not limited to a few isolated cases. It appears to be a systemic problem affecting artists, producers, and even fans. This culture of bullying takes a toll on the mental health and well-being of those striving for success.

Ugly Incidents of Bullying

Bullying in the industry goes beyond physical confrontations. Budding singer Hotvibes shared his traumatic experience with a music producer who subjected him to servitude and physical abuse. The clash between Burna Boy and Mr 2kay in 2017 resulted in a violent attack, highlighting the dangerous consequences of industry disputes.

Shades of Bullying

Bullying takes different forms in the entertainment sector. It can involve mistreatment from management and colleagues or hurtful comments from fans. Actress Grace-Charis Bassey revealed instances of coercion and unequal treatment, emphasizing the cutthroat nature of the industry. Some artists have formed cliques for mutual protection against bullying.

Entrenched Norm

Comedian MC Shakara believes that bullying has become a normalized aspect of the industry. Celebrities who do not conform to certain standards or cliques often face bullying. He compares the situation to the animal kingdom, where individuals exploit each other for survival.

Fans Guilty Too

Fans are not exempt from contributing to the culture of bullying. Hurtful comments and criticisms directed at celebrities on social media demonstrate the toxic side of fandom. Actor Yul Edochie faced intense scrutiny from fans for his personal decisions, highlighting this issue.

Bullies Also Need Help – Psychologist

Psychologists suggest that some entertainers may have experienced bullying before entering the industry, leading to unresolved trauma. Bullies often project their negative emotions onto their victims. Recognizing gateway behaviors and promoting kindness and empathy are proposed as preventive measures.

Mohbad’s Widow’s Testimony

Solutions and Perspectives

Various artists offer different perspectives on tackling bullying. Actress Nichole Banna advocates for love as a solution, while comedian MC Shakara advises entertainers to believe in themselves and not rely too much on others. Veteran actress Hilda Dokubo calls for government intervention to protect citizens from bullying.

In the quest for stardom within Nigeria’s million-dollar entertainment industry, the harsh reality of bullying remains an unspoken challenge. It is crucial to bring about systemic change and create a safer and more supportive environment for aspiring talents.

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