Sani Plans Youth Training

Sani Plans Youth Training

Introducing the Skill Acquisition City

Kaduna State Governor, Senator Uba Sani, is making big moves to help the youth in his state. He has started building the Kaduna State Vocational and Technology Skill Acquisition City. This city will be a place where young people can learn important skills that will help them in their future careers. The governor plans to train and certify 400 students every three months, which adds up to 1,600 students every year. These students will learn 19 different skills!

Why is this important?

Governor Sani wants to make sure that the people of Kaduna State have the skills they need to succeed. Right now, there is a gap in the skills that people have. This means that some jobs are given to people from other countries because they have the right skills. Governor Sani wants to change that. He wants to give the young people of Kaduna State the chance to learn new skills and become employable. By doing this, he hopes to increase the percentage of people with good skills from 23% to 46% by 2030.

What will students learn?

The Skill Acquisition City will offer a variety of courses. Students can learn skills like Microsoft Cisco for international certification, oil and gas welding, driving articulated vehicles, refrigeration and air conditioning, automotive, mechatronics, catering, welding, tiling, solar power installation, aluminum fabrication, fashion and design, and masonry. These skills will help students find jobs and become successful in their chosen fields.

Fubara Vows Development

Support from the National Board for Technical Education

The governor’s plan has received support from the National Board for Technical Education. They believe in the importance of giving young people the skills they need to succeed. The board will help implement the Nigerian Skill Qualification Framework, which will certify the skills that students learn at the Skill Acquisition City. This certification will be recognized both nationally and internationally, making it even more valuable for the students.

What will the Skill Acquisition City look like?

The Skill Acquisition City will be an impressive place. It will have 16 workshops where students can practice their skills. There will also be four dormitories for students to live in, classrooms for learning, an administrative block, a registry, a clinic, a cafeteria, a kiosk, delivery services, a basketball court, a football field, a mosque, a generator room, two outdoor public toilets, and parking space. It will be a complete and modern facility where students can focus on their education. Governor Sani’s plan is an exciting opportunity for the youth of Kaduna State. With the Skill Acquisition City, they will have the chance to learn valuable skills and become successful in their chosen careers. This project has the potential to transform Kaduna State into a hub for technology and vocational training, making it a leading knowledge economy in Nigeria.

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