Wunmi Speaks Out About Threats Against Her and Son

Wunmi’s Emotional Instagram Live

On March 28, 2024, Wunmi, the widow of Nigerian singer Mohbad, went live on Instagram to share the alarming threats she and her son Liam have been receiving. She poured out her heart, revealing the struggles she has faced since her husband’s passing and the harsh criticism she has endured.

Wunmi’s Distress

Wunmi expressed her distress, saying that she must fight for her son Liam, as her late husband would have wanted. She tearfully shared that people have threatened to harm her and kidnap her son, leaving her feeling scared and helpless.

Appeal for Help

Wunmi pleaded for help from Nigerians, asking for support and protection. She begged for her son’s safety, stating that she is too young to face such threats and scrutiny. She called on the public to come to her aid before it’s too late.

Protecting Her Son

Wunmi compared the treatment she has received to the unjust scrutiny her late husband faced. She vowed to protect her son at all costs, refusing to stay silent in the face of adversity. She emphasized that she will fight for Liam with all her strength.

Plea for Intervention

In a heartfelt plea, Wunmi asked for a court order for a DNA test to prove her son’s paternity. She expressed her frustration with the ongoing attacks on her son and herself, asking for help and support from those around her.

Mohbad’s Widow’s Testimony

Facing Public Scrutiny

Since Mohbad’s tragic passing in September 2023, Wunmi and Liam have been under intense public scrutiny. The pressure to undergo a DNA test has only added to their challenges, making it difficult for them to live a normal life.

Call for Empathy

As Wunmi bravely speaks out against the threats and bullying, her plea for support resonates with many. Their story serves as a reminder of the impact of public scrutiny and the need for empathy and compassion in times of adversity.

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