US Company Donates Unmanned Ships to Nigeria

US Company Donates Unmanned Ships to Nigeria

A military manufacturing company called Swiftship, based in the United States of America, has generously donated two high-tech unmanned water vessels to the Nigerian government.

The Donation

The donated equipment consists of the S2 and S3 Swift Sea Stalkers.

The Visit

The Minister of State for Defence, Bello Matawalle, recently visited the USA to inspect the facilities of high-tech military-producing hardware companies in the country. During his visit, Swiftship presented the unmanned vessels to President Bola Tinubu.

Protecting the Maritime Environment

The minister emphasized that these vessels will help protect Nigeria’s maritime environment and other areas. They will be deployed to the Niger Delta, Lake Chad region, and other maritime regions of the country.

Latest Technology

The hi-tech equipment, known as the S2 and S3 Swift Sea Stalkers, is the latest technology in fighting insecurity in Nigeria. The minister’s visit to the USA aimed to promote innovative technologies that enhance the Nigerian military’s efficiency in addressing security challenges.

Partnerships and Collaboration

The minister also expressed the goal of encouraging partnerships with US companies to produce military hardware locally in Nigeria. This collaboration with the Defence Industries Corporation of Nigeria will allow Nigeria to learn innovative ways of military hardware production.

Facilities Inspected

During his visit, the minister inspected various facilities, including a rapid deployment mobile RADAR system, an unmanned water vehicle, a drone ground control station, and a compact biometric search-scan system. These cutting-edge military and intelligence hardware capabilities will greatly contribute to the fight against insecurity in Nigeria.

Tinubu’s Presidential Yacht 

About Swiftships

Swiftships, established in 1942, is known for its innovative and effective solutions in shipbuilding. They provide end-to-end shipbuilding, testing, and delivery services for new vessels, along with hands-on training and vessel lifecycle sustainment support.

Previous Donations

In March 2022, the United States donated five mobile detection system vans and other equipment worth $2 million to the Nigeria Police Force Explosive Ordinance Disposal. This donation further demonstrates the commitment of the United States to support Nigeria’s security efforts.

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