UK’s £10 million Aid Amid Israel-Hamas Conflict

UK’s £10 million Aid Amid Israel-Hamas Conflict

The UK pledges £10 million for Palestinians affected by the Israel-Hamas conflict. Prime Minister Rishi Sunak made the announcement, condemning Hamas actions in Israel and Gaza and urging unrestricted aid access.

Increased Humanitarian Support

The UK boosts aid by £10 million, aiding the OPTs, UN agencies receive funds for essential relief, including food, water, and shelter.

Sunak in Parliament commits to helping Palestinians, calling it an acute crisis. “We must support them; they’re victims too,” says Sunak.

Gaza Situation: High Alert

Diplomacy and Aid Delivery

The UK engages Israel, Egypt, and partners to open Rafah crossing for quick aid delivery.

The UK’s commitment underscores its dedication to aiding OPT civilians amid complex challenges

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