Oyan Dam’s Water Release in Ogun State

Oyan Dam‘s Water Release in Ogun State

The Lafenwa-Abule Otun community in Ogun State faces an emergency as the Oan Dam unleashed a massive flood, displacing residents. Torrential rain and dam release trigger catastrophic flooding.

Over the weekend, Ogun River-adjacent Lafenwa-Abule Otun faced widespread flooding due to the dam release. Many homes submerged.

Lateefat-Akinwunmi, an affected resident, described the situation as catastrophic, causing property loss and displacement. Perishable goods trapped and damaged, she struggles to find shelter.

Mama, another resident, highlighted the rarity of such floods, mainly when the dam opens. Many fled homes, hoping for receding water.

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Community leader Kelani Bashir attributed flooding to bridge construction over Ogun River. Pleaded for government intervention to reconstruct a trailer drainage channel to prevent future floods.

Royimi Oduniyi, Press Officer of Ogun State Ministry of Environment, mentioned efforts to warn flood-prone residents to relocate. An assessment team will be dispatched for further actions.

The Lafenwa-Abule Otun community seeks recovery after devastating flood. Residents call for government help and long-term solutions to avert future disasters.

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