Tiwa Savage Files Petition Against Davido Over Threats

Tiwa Savage Files Petition Against Davido Over Threats

Popular Nigerian singer and songwriter, Tiwa Savage, has taken legal action against fellow artist Davido, accusing him of threatening her life. In a petition addressed to the Lagos State Commissioner of Police, Tiwa Savage expressed her concerns and requested that Davido be held responsible if anything were to happen to her.

The Allegations

Tiwa Savage believes that the threats are related to her relationship with Sophia Momodu, Davido’s child’s mother, with whom Davido reportedly has a strained relationship.

The Instagram Incident

Tiwa Savage explained that the conflict began when she posted a picture on her Instagram Story featuring herself and Sophia Momodu. Davido responded to the post, sending disrespectful and derogatory messages to Tiwa Savage’s manager. Tiwa Savage defended herself, reminding Davido of the support she had given him in the past.

Davido sued for concert breach

Mutual Connections

As a result of the incident, Tiwa Savage received numerous calls and messages from people connected to both her and Davido. They questioned her actions and accused her of being the aggressor. Davido even threatened Tiwa Savage, warning her to be careful in Lagos.

The Petition

Tiwa Savage believes that Davido’s actions are a violation of her rights to life, privacy, and dignity. She cited the Nigerian Constitution and the Cybercrime Act to support her claims. Tiwa Savage urged the Nigerian Police Force to hold Davido accountable for any harm that may come to her or her family.

Response from TeeBillz

Tiwa Savage’s ex-husband, TeeBillz, also criticized Davido for disrespecting his family. This incident occurred just 24 hours before Tiwa Savage filed her petition.

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