Several Killed In Fresh Benue Attack

Several Killed In Fresh Benue


There have been a lot of attacks happening in Benue recently. These attacks have caused many people to die and many others to leave their homes. In the latest attack, several people were killed in the Ugboju community in Benue State.

The Attack

The attack happened on Wednesday night and it was done by suspected herdsmen. A former deputy chairman of Agatu Local Government, John Ikwulono, said that nine people died in the attack. He mentioned that armed herdsmen came to the Ogboju community and killed nine people.

No Confirmation Yet

The Benue State Government and the police have not confirmed the attack yet. People have tried to contact the police but they have not responded.

Previous Attacks

This is not the first attack in Benue. There have been many attacks recently and many people have been killed. The Agatu Local Government has been hit the hardest. Just a few days ago, terrorists attacked the council and killed eight people. On Saturday, gunmen attacked Ogwumogbo, Ikpele, and Ejima villages, forcing residents to leave their homes.

Benue Governor’s Election and Reserves Decision on Ebonyi

Army’s Visit

Last November, the Chief of Army Staff visited Benue and told the troops to stay disciplined and professional. He thanked them for their service and asked them to continue working hard to keep the peace.

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