Naira Marley Sues Iyabo Ojo

Naira Marley Sues Iyabo Ojo

 Allegations of Falsehood and Defamation on Instagram

A popular Nigerian entertainer named Afeez Fashola, also known as Naira Marley is taking legal action against actress Iyabo Ojo. He accuses her of spreading false and mean things about him on her Instagram account. This all started because of a post in September 2023 where Ojo claimed that Naira Marley had a connection with the late singer Mohbad.

Subtitle 2: Accusations of Mental Harm and Brotherhood

Naira Marley’s lawyer, Olalekan Ojo, wrote a letter to Iyabo Ojo explaining the accusations made in her Instagram post. Ojo said that Naira Marley caused mental harm to Mohbad, whom she called his brother. The lawyer thinks that these statements have damaged Naira Marley’s reputation.

Subtitle 3: Legal Demands – N500 Million and a Public Apology

Naira Marley’s lawyer wants Iyabo Ojo to pay N500 million and publicly apologize. The apology must be posted on Ojo’s official Instagram account and published in a national newspaper. If she doesn’t do these things, Naira Marley might sue her.

Subtitle 4: NDLEA Engagement and Public Image

The letter from Naira Marley’s lawyer talks about his work with the Nigeria Drug Law Enforcement Agency (NDLEA). They say that Naira Marley was asked to use his social media platforms to discourage substance abuse among his followers and young Nigerians. They want to show that he is an important figure.

Subtitle 5: Defamatory Publication and Global Consequences

The legal document accuses Iyabo Ojo of saying mean and false things about Naira Marley on her Instagram. She implied that he is a drug addict who gave harmful things to the people staying with him. This publication was seen by people all over the world and caused a lot of damage to Naira Marley’s reputation.

Subtitle 6: Impact on Reputation and Global Backlash

Since the publication, Naira Marley has received calls from people all over the world who are disgusted and upset about what Iyabo Ojo said. It has had a big impact on his reputation and could cause long-lasting damage.

Naira Marley and Sam Larry Sue for N40 Million”

Naira Marley’s lawyer says that the publication not only hurt his reputation but also caused him emotional distress and financial loss. The demand for a lot of money and a public apology shows how seriously Naira Marley takes these accusations from Iyabo Ojo.

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