Kunle Remi Announces Wedding with Tiwi

 Kunle Remi Announces Wedding with Tiwi

‘Pulled up and put a ring on it,’ Actor Kunle Remi announces wedding

Popular Nollywood actor, Kunle Remi, just started the new year with some exciting news. He announced that he had gotten married to his lover, Tiwi. How cool is that?

Kunle Remi shared this awesome news on his official Instagram profile on January 1, 2024. He even posted some adorable photos of himself and his wife. In the pictures, you can see how happy they are together.

The Announcement

Let’s take a closer look at the captions Kunle Remi wrote for each photo. In the first slide, Tiwi said, “Hey KR, Pull up!” That’s like saying, “Hey Kunle, come closer!”

In the second slide, Kunle Remi said, “Pulled up and put a ring on it.” That means he proposed to Tiwi and gave her a beautiful ring. How romantic!

And in the third slide, Tiwi said, “Locked in. “They have officially married and committed to each other. They are ready to start their journey together as life partners.

A Message for You

Kunle Remi also had a special message for all his fans. He wants you to stay calm and open to God’s plan for finding the right person in your life. He believes that God has someone special for each one of us, and when the time is right, we will meet them.

He said, “We know two things: your person is already born, and they reside on earth. Stay open, expectant, and ready because, in 2024, you will celebrate in double. Amen.” How inspiring!

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Kunle Remi’s Relationship Revelation

Back in April 2023, Kunle Remi shared some interesting news. He revealed that he was in a ‘serious’ relationship. During his appearance on the TVC program called Your View, he talked about it.

So, there you have it,  Kunle Remi, the talented actor, is now happily married to Tiwi. They are starting their journey together and want all of us to stay hopeful and open to finding our special someone. Isn’t that wonderful? Let’s wish them all the best in their married life!

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