Tinubu Daughter Wedding Introduction

Tinubu Daughter Wedding Introduction

Wow, something super exciting happened in Nasarawa State! Folashade Tinubu-Ojo, who is the Iyaloja General of Lagos and the daughter of a famous Nigerian politician named Bola Tinubu, was officially introduced as the Queen of Nigeria. This amazing moment was caught on video and it has made everyone talk about Tinubu-Ojo even more. Before this, she had already made headlines when she added the title “First Daughter of the Federal Republic of Nigeria (FRN)” to her social media profile.


Let’s go back to May when Folashade Tinubu-Ojo first caught everyone’s attention. She made a big change to her social media profile by adding that new title. As the Iyaloja General of Lagos, she is already a very important person in the economic world. So, when she became the Queen of Nigeria, people got really curious and interested in her.

The Nasarawa Wedding Ceremony

Now, let’s talk about the big moment that happened at the wedding of Hafsah Azare and Abubakar Dandanku in Nasarawa. Tinubu-Ojo was there as a guest, and something incredible happened. In a video of the event, you can see her being escorted by the host of the wedding, while everyone around her is praising and applauding her.

Regal Introduction

When Tinubu-Ojo was introduced at the wedding, it was done in a very grand way. The host didn’t hold back and said, “We have the most special guest of honour—a role model, the first daughter of the federation, the Iyaloja General of Lagos. Queen mama, the most beautiful queen of Nigeria.” This introduction not only recognized her as an important public figure, but it also gave her the royal title of Queen of Nigeria.

Nigerians Happy with Tinubu

Public Reaction

After the video of Tinubu-Ojo’s introduction as the Queen of Nigeria was released, people couldn’t stop talking about it on social media. Some people praised her for all her accomplishments and her high status, while others were surprised and curious about the title she received and what it really means.


This moment at the Nasarawa wedding has added another layer to Folashade Tinubu-Ojo’s public image. It has sparked discussions and debates about the connection between politics, royalty, and societal roles. Being the daughter of a famous politician, she continues to attract attention and interest from many different people.

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