Illegal Miners’ Explosives Cause Ibadan Explosion

Illegal Miners’ Explosives Cause Ibadan Explosion

Preliminary Investigations Uncover the Cause

Governor Seyi Makinde revealed that security agencies conducted preliminary investigations, discovering that the explosion in Bodija, Ibadan, resulted from illegal miners storing explosives in a house.

Impact of the Explosion

The explosion not only caused damage to the Governor’s Office, Secretariat, and the State House of Assembly, but it also affected several other areas including the residence of the former Attorney General and Minister of Justice, Chief Bola Ige, as well as buildings in Ologuneru, Apete, New Garage, Bashorun, Akobo, Sango, and Eleyele. Sadly, the incident resulted in the death of two individuals and left 77 others injured.

Serving Justice: A Pledge by Governor Makinde

Governor Makinde told the public that ongoing investigations are on. Furthermore, he emphasized that those responsible for the explosion will be held accountable and face legal consequences.

Support for the Victims

The governor expressed his condolences to the families of the deceased and promised that the government would cover the medical bills of the injured victims. Additionally, he pledged to provide support to those whose houses were affected, helping them rebuild their lives.

Lagos-Ibadan Expressway Crash

Rescue Operations and Emergency Assistance

Rescue operations were immediately initiated at the scene of the incident. Earth-moving equipment, ambulances, emergency lights, and security personnel were deployed to ensure the safety and well-being of the affected individuals. Medical personnel were also on standby at various hospitals in Ibadan to provide necessary assistance to the injured.

Governor Makinde urged residents to remain calm and stay away from the immediate scene of the incident to allow the rescue operations to proceed smoothly. He provided an emergency hotline for residents to call if they require any assistance during this time.

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