Lagos-Ibadan Expressway Crash

 Lagos-Ibadan Expressway Crash

Accident caused by speeding, says FRSC

There was a really terrible accident on the Lagos-Ibadan expressway. It happened on Tuesday and it’s really heartbreaking. Ten people lost their lives and seven others got hurt. Mrs. Florence Okpe, who works for the Federal Road Safety Corps (FRSC), confirmed this sad news to reporters in Abeokuta.

The Collision

So, here’s what happened. There was a big crash between a truck and a bus. The truck had the license plate KRA 80 XA and the bus had the license plate FKY 898 YF. The accident happened at 5:00 a.m. near Kara, close to the turning towards the interchange on the expressway. There were a total of 18 people involved in the accident. Seven of them got hurt, ten lost their lives, and one person miraculously escaped without any injuries.

Cause of the Accident

The FRSC did some investigating to find out what caused this terrible accident. They found out that the bus driver was going too fast and lost control of the bus. The bus crashed into the truck, which was trying to make a turn. Mrs. Okpe explained that the bus hit the truck because it was going too fast. Speeding was a big factor in this tragic accident.

Casualties and Medical Attention

The people who got hurt were quickly taken to Famobis Hospital in Mowe for medical help. Unfortunately, the people who lost their lives were taken to the Idera Morgue in Sagamu. The sector commander, Anthony Uga, is really sad about what happened. He said that if people had been more careful, this accident could have been prevented.

Preventive Measures

After this terrible accident, the FRSC wants to remind everyone to be safe on the road. They want drivers to follow the rules and drive carefully. They say that drivers should take a 15-minute break every four hours to rest. This can help prevent accidents and save lives. It’s really important to be cautious and not drive too fast. Let’s all remember to be safe on the roads and prevent accidents from happening.

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This accident is a really sad reminder of what can happen when people aren’t careful on the road. The FRSC is working hard to make sure our roads are safe and accidents like this don’t happen again. Let’s all do our part and be responsible drivers!

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