Florida Mother Sells 1-Year-Old for $500

Here’s What The Florida Mother Allegedly Did

A Florida mom named Jessica Woods, 33, was hanging around a business with her daughter on March 5. A person who worked at the business noticed her and offered help, but Jessica surprised them by trying to sell her daughter for $500.

Anambra Mother Arrested: Attempted Sale of Sons for N1.8m

Here’s What Happened To The 1-Year-Old

The person who was offered the child declined and instead took the little girl to the police. The child is now in foster care, being looked after by the victim advocate program.

Here’s What Happened To The Mother

Police found Jessica Woods on March 7 and arrested her. She is facing charges of child neglect, abandonment, selling a child for money, and child abuse. She is currently in jail with a bond set at $255,000.

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