Fish out the Killers of Ekiti Obas, Urges Sunday Igboho

Fish out the Killers of Ekiti Obas, Urges Sunday Igboho

Gunmen Target Traditional Rulers

Sunday Igboho is concerned about what happened in Ekiti State, Some gunmen attacked and killed two traditional rulers there. Their names were Oba Babatunde Ogunsakin and Oba Olatunde Olusola. Another ruler, Oba Adebaye Fatoba, was lucky enough to escape.

Calling for Justice

Sunday Igboho wants the government and the police to catch the people who did this terrible thing. He thinks they should be punished for their crime. He also wants the police to find some school children who were kidnapped by some bad guys. He feels really sad for the families of the victims and thinks this kind of violence is not good for our community.

School Children and Teachers Kidnapped in Ekiti

Condemning the Murders

Sunday Igboho is angry about what happened. He wants the government to take strong action against the people who did this. He wants the police to search all the forests and places where the bad guys might be hiding. He also wants the government to let the local community help the police in protecting everyone. He says that anyone involved in these crimes will soon be caught and punished.

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