Court Sends Fubara’s Supporters to Prison

 Court Sends Fubara’s Supporters to Prison

The attack on Rivers State House of Assembly has caused a public stir, and a Federal High Court in Abuja has decided against it. Let’s find out what happened!

The Court’s Decision

A judge named Justice Bolaji Olajuwon said that five men who were arrested in Port-Harcourt will be sent to prison. They will stay there until February 2, when their bail applications will be considered. The prison they will be sent to is called Kuje Prison in Abuja.

Who Are the Men?

The five men are Chime Eguma Ezebalike, Prince Lukman Oladele, Kenneth Goodluck Kpasa, Osiga Donald, and Ochueja Thank god. They were brought to Abuja for prosecution because of their involvement in the attack on the Rivers State House of Assembly.

What Are They Accused Of?

These men are accused of some serious crimes. They are said to have invaded, vandalized, and burned down the Rivers State House of Assembly. This happened during a political crisis in Rivers State last year. They are also accused of killing a Superintendent of Police and five police informants in the Ahoada community.

Using Cult Groups

These defendants are also said to be using different cult groups to cause trouble and disrupt the lives of the people in the state. Some of these cult groups are called Supreme Viking Confraternity, Degbam, Iceland, and Greenland.

The Defendants’ Plea

When the charges were read to the defendants, they pleaded not guilty. This means they are saying they didn’t do the things they are accused of.

Fubara promises campaign fulfillment.

Edison Ehie’s Involvement

There is another person named Edison Ehie who was not named as a defendant in the case. However, his name was mentioned in the charges because he is said to be at large, which means he is not in custody.

What Happens Next?

The court has set a date for the hearing of the defendant’s bail application. This will happen on February 2. Until then, the defendants will remain in prison.

The Charges

The charges against the defendants are quite serious. They are accused of conspiring to commit acts of terrorism by destroying public property. They are also accused of invading, attacking, and setting fire to the Rivers State House of Assembly. These are offenses that can be punished by law.

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