Young Scientist Fights Skin Cancer

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In a twist of youthful brilliance, 14-year-old Heman Bekele from Annandale,  Virginia, became America’s Top Young Scientist, winning $25,000 for his skin cancer treatment soap at the 2023 3M Young Scientist Challenge.

Bekele’s achievement changes skin cancer treatment with soap that reawakens dormant dendritic cells to fight cancer.

Bekele’s soap cost only $0.50, a stark contrast to $40,000 cancer treatments. No Hogwarts magic, just remarkable science.

Bekele plans to improve his creation over five years, establishing a nonprofit to provide affordable solutions to needy communities.

Hero vs. Pitbull

He’s motivated by the high cost of skin cancer treatment in developing countries, which often forces tragic choices between healthcare and basic needs.

Bekele dived into skin cancer research, discovering dendritic cells’ potential, a potential game-changer, even before he could drive.

In a world of celebrity scandals and viral cat videos, Bekele is a young mind using his $0.50 soap to combat skin cancer and be a real-world superhero.

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