Unemployment and language bills.

Unemployment and language bills.


The Deputy Speaker of the House of Representatives, Benjamin Kalu, has announced two bills that are being developed to address the ongoing issues of unemployment and to promote the use of Hausa, Yoruba, and Igbo as national languages in Nigeria.

The National Apprenticeship Scheme

One of the bills is called the National Apprenticeship Scheme. This bill aims to create more opportunities for skills training and employment for young people in Nigeria. The scheme will combine theoretical education with practical training to equip individuals with the necessary skills for their chosen fields.

The Importance of Skills

According to Kalu, having skills is just as important as acquiring certificates. He mentioned countries like Germany and China, where practical skills are highly valued and have contributed to their economic growth. The National Apprenticeship Scheme aims to bridge the skills gap in Nigeria and promote entrepreneurship.

Support from the Deputy Speaker

Kalu expressed his support for the National Apprenticeship Scheme and commended the organization behind it. He promised to support 3000 young people across the country in the first phase of the apprenticeship system.

Promoting National Languages

The second bill focuses on promoting the use of native languages alongside English in skill training programs. Many young Nigerians find it easier to learn skills when taught in their native dialects. This bill aims to recognize and support the use of these languages in educational and vocational settings.

Benefits of Native Languages

By incorporating native languages into skill training, it is believed that individuals will have a better understanding and grasp of the concepts being taught. This will help bridge the communication gap and ensure effective learning.

Support from Build Up Integrated Services

The CEO of Build Up Integrated Services, Chibuike Aguene, called on the Deputy Speaker to support the institutionalization of a dual apprenticeship system through legislation. This system will provide a framework for skills training and entrepreneurship development in Nigeria.


The bills proposed by Deputy Speaker Benjamin Kalu aim to address the challenges of unemployment and promote the use of national languages in Nigeria. These initiatives are expected to create more opportunities for skills development, bridge the skills gap, and empower the youth of Nigeria.

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