UN Seeks Child Climate

UN Seeks Child Climate

Did you know that climate change can have serious health risks for pregnant women, babies, and children? The United Nations (UN) agencies are speaking up and asking world leaders to take action to protect these vulnerable groups from the impacts of climate catastrophes.

The Neglected Impact on Maternal and Child Health

In a Call for Action released by UN agencies, it was revealed that the effects of climate events on maternal and child health have been neglected, underreported, and underestimated. Shockingly, very few countries’ climate change response plans even mention the health of mothers and children. This is a big problem that needs urgent attention.

Urgent Actions to Address the Risks

The Call to Action highlights seven urgent actions that need to be taken to address the risks faced by pregnant women, babies, and children:

  1. Sustained reductions in greenhouse gas emissions
  2. Action on climate finance
  3. Inclusion of the needs of pregnant women, babies, and children in climate and disaster-related policies

The Importance of Gender Equality

Diene Keita, the Deputy Executive Director for Programmes at UNFPA, emphasizes the need for climate solutions that consider the distinct health needs and vulnerabilities of women and girls. She believes that global climate solutions should support gender equality, not sacrifice it.

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The Dire Consequences for Children and Pregnant Women

Bruce Aylward, the Assistant Director General for Universal Health Coverage, Life Course at the World Health Organization, warns that children and pregnant women face the gravest consequences of climate change. He stresses the importance of taking climate action now to protect their health and survival.


It is crucial that we take immediate action to protect pregnant women, babies, and children from the impacts of climate change. By reducing greenhouse gas emissions, providing climate finance, and including their needs in policies, we can ensure a safer and healthier future for all.

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